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Afikra Bahrain Kick-off
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Afikra Bahrain Kick-off

We are kicking off the new afikra year with a fun social hour next week! So, grab some snacks and drinks, and come by on Tuesday, August 27 at Bahrain FinTech Bay to connect with the afikra Bahrain community. This time we won't include any presentations, but we will briefly talk about what is in store for the upcoming year and talk about opportunities to present and get more involved. Mostly, it's just a fun get-together.
Come by and say hi!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to present this time? No, don't worry! You can sign up to present at afikra one of the following months.

What do I have to bring? If it's at someone's house, please bring a beverage and/or snacks to share.

Can I invite friends? Absolutely. If you want to invite anyone, please have them RSVP so we can keep track of who is coming.

Can non-Arabs come? Of course! Everyone is welcome!!

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