Why have I always known the name Omar Sharif but nothing else about him?



Mikey Muhanna



Original Date

November 22, 2015


In July of 2015, I woke up to the news that Omar Sharif had passed away. I felt a sense of sadness — someone important had left us. However, after a moment passed, I realized that despite always being aware of the fact that Omar Sharif was someone important, I didn’t actually know anything about him. For my presentation, I tried to shed light on why Sharif was noteworthy — what made him famous and infamous. I explored what made him a noteworthy Egyptian actor, what landed him in Hollywood tabloids, his relationships with directors Youssef Chahine & David Leen, his famous roles,  the impact of his most controversial role, and what consumed him during his 30 year long hiatus.

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