How did Shams Transform Rumi from a Traditional scholar to a Mystical Poet?



Dima Najib



Original Date

December 17, 2017


Today, Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi, or Rumi as we know him, is the best-selling poet in the West. He continues to provide daily inspiration to many transcending cultures. For all this fame and influence, little is known of Rumi’s upbringing, especially who shaped Rumi from a traditional scholar to the mystical poet we know today. Shams Tabrizi is credited for transforming Rumi’s life and thought. This talk explores his intense spiritual friendship with Rumi. There is no Rumi, without Shams.

Sources & Future References

  • Warriors of Love, Rumi’s Odes to Shams of Tabriz by James Cowan

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  • Rumi, The Big Red Book by Coleman Barks

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